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I love to hear from readers and I do try to answer all my mail. Though, note that I have a day job, a couple of manuscripts on the go, and two small daughters -- it may take me a few days. Also, I am a disorganized chowderhead.  Don't let that stop you, though.  Send me e-mail, or find me elsewhere online.  


Foreign rights inquires about my recent books should go to the publishers:  HMH for Stand on the Sky, and Simon and Schuster for Scorpion/Swan.  Other rights including film and television rights or UK rights to The Scorpion Rules, and film and television rights or unlicensed foreign rights to Plain Kate or Sorrow's Knot -- should go to my agency, Eyebait Management 

Review copies / interviews 


Requests for review copies should go through the publicity department of the appropriate publisher.  For Stand on the Sky that's HMH Books for Young Readers in the US, and Scholastic Canada in Canada.  For The Scorpion Rules, that's Simon & Schuster or Simon & Schuster Canada. Bloggers, don't forget to send your site name, URL, and statistics.


 When I have time to do them, I love to do guest posts or interviews, so feel free to ask -- but sometimes I actually have to write books ...  


Contact me directly for information about appearances, school & library visits, speeches, etc.  Canadians may also go through the Authors' Booking Service.  My page is here!  

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