Hi, I'm Erin

I write novels for young readers, working out of a garden shed in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.  (I'm actually from Omaha, Nebraska, but sadly I blew it up in one of my books. Oops.)

I have five novels, two books of poetry, and a fistful of awards, including the Governor General's Award for young people's literature, the CBC Canadian Literature Award for poetry, the TD Award for "most distinguished book of children's fiction" and the Canadian Library Association Book of the Year award for young adult books.  

reach me at erin@erinbow.com

GUYS my beloved first middle-grade novel STAND ON THE SKY   has actually won the Governor General's Award, the GG --  Canada's oldest, most visible, most prestigious award.  I am thunderstruck!


STAND ON THE SKY is about a girl who must overcome odds and expectations to save the life of an orphaned baby eagle -- and earn a place among Mongolia's famous eagle hunters.  If she succeeds, she just might also be able to save her brother.   

HMH Children's Books in the States and Scholastic Canada in Canada..



STAND ON THE SKY is the book previously known as secret book five.   Right now I'm writing two fabulous new books, secret books seven and eight, about which I can tell you NOTHING.  



I'm booking school visits for next January 



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