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Fall Festival wrapup

This fall I went to Telling Tales, to Lethbridge's Word on the Street -- the best little fest in the West -- and into the schools as part of the Authors in Schools program of Kingston WritersFest. And now I'm home!

Telling Tales broke its 10-year streak of being blazing hot and sunny by being cold and rainy. I wore my black rain coat and one of my Mongolian scarves and my step-dads' black wool hat and didn't realize that the general effect was Gay Lesser Pratchett.

Telling Tales was packed with soggy happy reading families. I hung out with readers and other authors.

In Lethbridge I got to talk with Waubgeshig rice Rice, who wrote the best thing I've read this year: Moon of Crusted Snow. Plus he confirmed my private theory about the book!

And in Kingston I read to a tiny country school which had never had an author visit, and a gymful of 250 4 -6 graders, who acted as if they'd never had an author visit -- they were all so excited. I've never been to Kingston before and I'd like to go back. It's lovely.


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