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I finally named my office!

I present the Deep Shed.

Sometimes the shed helps me get deep work done. Sometimes I am just in Deep Shed.

To answer the usual questions: the shed came with the house -- our first house, which we bought two and a half years ago. We had it raised to put in a proper foundation, insulated with spray foam, and electrified. The inside is drywalled and floored. It is heated but not air conditioned. There's no wifi.

In the two years the Deep Shed has been finished, I've written two books in it. (Okay, one of them was a novella. STILL COUNTS.)

Newly beflagged for the grey season. I get my flags from The Dharma Shop, which supports respectful trade with Nepal’s artists. They are also the best flags I have found without prayers. (I am not Buddhist so using real prayers for decoration seems iffy for me personally.) They have opening lotuses on them.

Also: 🏳️‍🌈

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