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Writing Stickers

Writing stickers for October. That’ll do, October!

I have been giving myself stickers for writing for years. It is my best trick to keep myself on track. There are two big reasons it works for me: first, my inner muse is three and will do anything for sticker. If I've done 300 words, you can bet I'll keep my butt in the chair until I hit 500, and sticker time. So, it’s motivating. Second, on days when I try to write and can’t and Feel like a total failure, I put an X. The X is a sticky awfulness that always seems eternal, but, LOOK AT ALL THE STARS! Even my creative self-loathing is knocked back a bit by stickers.

Writing a novel is impossible. But, getting a red sticker for writing 500 new words or a green one for editing a chapter is totally doable. And they add up.

I know this looks dumb, but it totally works for me.

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