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Generation Energy

Me and my awesome earrings are off to Winnipeg to participate in the Generation Energy national conference on Canada’s future power systems. Thanks National Resources Canada and Minister Carr — it’s an honour to get to go pester experts with impertinent questions.

If you’re Canadian, you don't have to make your way to Manitoba to weigh in. Make your voice heard online:

I'm especially excited about getting to be on the METIS IN SPACE podcast. Is reinventing energy an opportunity to decolonize? Let’s hope — but let’s also cast our eye toward James Bay and Muskrat Falls.

My bottom line going to Generation Energy as a storyteller: We need a new story. Not just a de-carboned version of what we have now. To get truly green we will need to reinvent (or leapfrog?) the grid. That gives us a chance to create something more local, more equitable. We need that new vision, that story. We need a Star Trek, a thing to give us hope, a thing to aim for. Not just: Don't Warm The Planet And Kill Everything.

I think we can do this, though urgent and radical action is needed. But we need to inspire ourselves. We need to believe we can.

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