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I love hearing from my readers. I wish I had time to answer each and every question people sent me personally, but there are also those pesky new books to write. Sometimes I end up pointing people to previous interviews I've done. Here's a list of those, which you might find handy, particularly if you are a student writing a paper about my books. (With the White Pine nomination for The Scorpion Rules, this is happening more and more.)

This list isn't meant to be comprehensive -- it's just what turns up in an hour or so of Googling. But it's a place to start. I hope it's a help to you. I'd still love to get a note!

About The Scorpion Rules, The Swan Riders, and the Prisoners of Peace world generally

Earlier interviews

  • The Book Wars: This one covers my first two novels only but has my best answer for "why are your books so dark."

  • The Enchanted Inkpot: Mostly Sorrow's Knot, with my best answer to "how to you balance research and writing"

  • Write On! Another early interviews, covering the origin story of Plain Kate, and featuring my thoughts on finding your voice as a writer.

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