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Globe and Mail Review of Swan Riders

Look! The Globe and Mail (Canada's national newspaper) reviewed The Swan Riders today. And they liked it!

Absolutely about The Swan Riders (including the flap copy) spoils the ending of The Scorpion Rules, and this review is no exception. But here is the spoiler-free beginning and end.

"In the follow-up to last year’s The Scorpion Rules (one of The Globe 100’s Best Books of 2015), Canadian fantasy phenom Erin Bow dives head-first into sci-fi – and it’s just as crazy smart and shocking as the first book. (...) Profound, unnerving and filled with tension, Bow just keeps outdoing herself.

May I say, parenthetically, how good it is to have a smart YA reviewer actually reviewing YA? Shannon Ozirny knows her stuff and would never try to get to you to take one part of YA seriously by dismissing the rest of the field, which is the default of many a major newspaper reviewer. These are at last the reviews YA readers deserve. Thank you, Globe and Mail!

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