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Today I had my two big public events at the Vancouver Writers Festival, and they were awesome. The first was a joint event in a huge room, and it's a thrill to get on the stage in front of 500 people. But in my heart I liked the second show, the solo event.

There was a very young reader -- maybe 10? -- whose hand shot up for the first question. "Are you going to say, anything, ANYTHING, about Sorrow's Knot?" The book came out three years ago. "Oh," I told her, "I don't even have a copy with me...." "I DO!" she said. So I took hers and read everyone half a page. Later she was overheard walking out with her dad, going, "this is the BEST day."

There was a young woman who came up to me in tears after, telling me about the fanfic she'd written. I asked if she was okay and she said she was happy.

There were others, but these stand out.

I am so deeply honoured that these people have given my books some piece of their hearts. A moving, tiring, amazing day.

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