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The Pilgriming Vine

You guys want to hear the love theme from The Scorpion Rules?

Like many writers I create playlists for each of my projects. I use mostly instrumentals -- otherwise my goldfish brain will occasionally just transcribe the lyrics into my notebooks. And I haven't shared many, because I write for young people and my musical tastes are Super Not Cool. For The Scorpion Rules and The Swan Riders, for example, things are heavy on the bluegrass. (Apparently in the future, we've lost the Atlantic seaboard, the principle that collective punishment is wrong, and the electric guitar.)

But The Scorpion Rules was a little different than my other books: it has a love theme. A theme about waking up and having your heart fall open -- terror and joy. And the above is it: "The Pilgriming Vine" by Basia Bulat.

Tomorrow I'll know if there's silver in your eyes Crossing down on your cheek And tomorrow I'll know by the rubies in your voice They've been calling your name to me lately You have been one of them waiting I have been one of them falling down below So tell me you're always my only Never look down by the maypole if I go Never look down if I go Some time now I've been divine in the end of a snowy morning Some time now I've been afraid that the pilgriming vine is finally coming to take me Taste it and tell me it's savory Hold it up high to the light and let it grow

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