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Manitoba choses Scorpions

I'm very pleased to find The Scorpion Rules among the nominees for the Manitoba Young Readers' Choice Award. This is one of the awards where school kids actually read and vote -- I adore those.

I was even more pleased when I saw the list of things nominated. I've read and loved several of the other books: R.J. Anderson's sweetly sinister a A Pocket Full of Murder, Kevin Sand's delightfully explosive The Blackthorne Key, Allan Stratton's pyscho-creepy The Dogs, and Susin Nielsen's utterly sad-delightful We Are All Made of Molecules -- it's an amazing list. (This is not to say I didn't like the others, simply that I haven't read them.)

I'm not sure when this award is given, but between now and then: Dear little town somewhere in northern Manitoba that never gets authors -- if you can find a way to get me there and a place to put me I will totally come.

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