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My new writing space!

BEHOLD! This is my glorious new writing office. Here I am finishing my arduous commute.

The shed was there when we bought the house last February, and I have always had an eye on. But it needed a lot of work, including some that had to be done by professionals: it was jacked up so that a proper underpinning could be laid, and it was sprayfoamed everywhere. We dug a trench and hired an electrician to connect it to the house power. Then there is the more obvious stuff: windows and the door, drywall, flooring, paint.

I've tried to take some pictures. It's a little tricky, because the inside is about 9 X 7, and so it's hard to get far enough away to frame anything. The shot that shows both desk chair and green chair is actually taken through the window.

Answers to the practical questions: Yes, there is heat. It is heated with a baseboard heater, programmed to kick in during the day and shut off at night, and thanks to the sprayfoam it’s pretty cozy, even though it’s cold where I live. Yes, there is electricity. No, there is no plumbing.

In the spring we will add a small porch/large step, and stain the new wood to match the old wood. And maybe paint the door.

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