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Book Tour, the LA edition

Day two and three on the pre-publication book tour saw me in LA! It's a odd book tour with no public events, since the book is not out yet. Meet and greets with booksellers and reviewers, etc. Dinners and lunches and cocktail parties. It's amazing and exhausting and strange for me as an author, as a person who mostly talks quietly to fictional people. I swan in a rooftop pool in Beverly Hills, which does not seem like a part of my usual life.

But also I feel so lucky. My agent Jane is based in LA, and she picked me up at the airport, and we went to the Malibu Pier, and everything was so new: the color and shape of the cliffs, the architecture, every single growing thing, and the ocean. I went to put my toes in the ocean and ended up soaked to the thighs (it's a surfing beach, and the waves are new to me). And really I almost cried. It's a big old world and I feel I want to do big things and then come back to the ocean to keep the in proper scale.


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