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Whelp, it's midnight on the first day of a five-month leave from my day job. I will miss thinking about physics every day, but the gift of spending some time concentrating on my personal writing is tremendous. I'm so grateful for it.

As it turned out, I spent the first day of my leave from my day job finishing up things at my dayjob. BUT ALSO Scrivener clocks me as adding 3000 words to my manuscript. They are not 3000 new words. Perhaps 1000 are new, and another 2000 are edited and reassembled.

You see, I have 50,000 to 60,000 existing words in a manuscript, but these were written in chunks over the course of years. My ideas about the story changed as I went along, and the pieces do not line up. For months now I've been working on re-writing the book, making these pieces line up. (Some of them needed to be ground to powder and recast.) For weeks, I've been feeling like I'm close to the point where my current vision of the book takes hold and momentum will carry me through. It hasn't happened yet.

But after weeks of feeling as if I were close, tonight I ... uh, still feel that. But with more confidence!

My goal is to finish this rewrite this week, so that I can actually write the end of this book. Wish me luck!

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