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Lethbridge! Calgary! The Saskatoon Dump!

A belated post to say thank you to the awesome people at Lethbridge Public Library in Lethbridge, Alberta, who had be out to the Word on The Street Festival, and to the folks at the Calgary Public Library, who arranged a string of school visits for me.

Fellow authors, if you even get a chance to go to Lethbridge WOTS, jump at it. It's the best small festival I've ever been to. They got real teens to the teen event -- a packed tentful of teens -- which is kind of like getting the rover to Mars. It was fun to meet and read with Carrie Mac, Karen Bass, Ruth Ohi, and many others.

Plus I got to take a little research sidetrip to (among other places) the Saskatoon dump. Remind me the next time I'm inventing a ficitonal world to make the required research trips just a wee bit less ... landfill-centric. Thanks for Arthur Slade for showing me around. The glamorous life of an author, eh?

Someday you all will know what I mean when I look at this picture and say: I found the Precepture.


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