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A sampling of fan art and other transformative works

My princesses!  Tumblrite Laya Art drew Greta and Xie from the Scorpion Rules.  (Girls kiss in this book, y'all.)  
A Scorpion Rules sculpture!  The two artists known as Time & Desire worked with the text to create a mock-trade show booth as an art installation at Toronto Harbourfront, for Word on the Street.  This is not all of it -- it was huge and elaborate.  
The flooded and fractured North America of The Scorpion Rules.  
A gift for me from an eight-year-old reader named Ollie.  Wee knitted Taggle has wee knitted sausages! 
Another alternate cover, from Enigma Astrails
Thisisteen did a series of Sorrow's Knot wallpapers
Tumblr abadpoetwithdreams did a bunch of Plain Kate sketches
Cricket from SORROW’S KNOT, drawn by high school student SiobhanStromquist, via her Twitter (@etherstation)
DeviantArt user Zippo514 did this fan cover for Plain Kate


The rusalka by DeviantArt user Sevens7s
"the most delightful talking cat in all of children's literature," by Tumblr-ite herrarcus
A moody portrait from DeviantArt user bo-tan
A Sorrow's Knot style cradle-star from my eight-year-old daughter
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