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October 29, 2019

News broke at the crack of dawn this morning:  my book, STAND ON THE SKY, has won a Governor General's award -- the oldest and highest profile award in Canada.  This is a huge deal. I'm so excited -- I hardly know what to say. 

I think I'm going to need a ball gown.  


October 6, 2019

So the Canada Council sent me a set of GG Finalist Stickers, and I hooked up with my friend Ishta Mercurio took them down my local Indie, Worrds Worth books, and put them on stock copies.   See the delitght.  

October 3, 2019

So this morning the list of books nominated for the GG -- the Governor General's Award -- came out.  I saw it in my e-mail, and really just scanned it briefly.  I didn't see my name or my book cover, so I sighed and went to the basement to help clean up the sewage leak.  (UGGGH don't ask.)   

Then my Twitter notifications started rolling in.   

And I'm up for it.  STAND ON THE SKY has been nominated for a GG.  And I'm on the actual air.  I am standing on the sky. As writers we are not allowed to admit that we want these things, but I wanted this thing.  A lot.  For this book, which is truly the book of my heart. 

The Governor General's awards are Canada's big national awards -- like the National Book Awards in the States.  They're given in seven categories, including the one I'm up for, literature for young people.   They are worth $25K, a big shiney seal, and of course ALL THE GLORY.   Even being nominated is a huge, life-changing, caree...

May 30, 2019

Margaret Atwood was very nice.  I sent her a book a while back and she brought it along so I could sign it. 

The stage was very big

Poets normally read to six people, one of whom is nappign and two of whom are waiting for the mic. 

And I was, frankly, a rock star.  I read three poems, one framed around Fritz Haber (written for the occasion), one about Pavlovsk Station (the one from Best Canadian Poetry) and one about General Relativity (always a barn burner poetry topic).   And I very nearly got a standing ovation. 

This was.  A thing.  

Many people asked me afterward to post the Fritz Haber poem, so I will, soon.  

May 22, 2019


The dress is ready.  But is the author?   

September 8, 2018

...so I can't resist a chance to share.  Here is the CBC's "Ultimate Canadian Poetry Collection" list, where they recommend 68 different volumes of poetry, including one of mine:  

July 1, 2018

So, for Canada Day, the CBC is debuting a list of 100 writers in Canada who are making an impact.  And to my surprise and delight, I'm on it!  

(Actually it's a delightful list for many reasons, not least that it's chockfull of kid's lit, poetry, plays, spoken word, and other forms, and features queer authors, indigenous authors, and authors of colour.  Canlit can sometimes be a bit "the usual suspects who are all white guys plus also Margaret Atwood" so this is so great!)  

March 31, 2018

I am cleaning out the storeroom. Boxes of paper like one of those sand dunes from which archeologists pull papyrus.

A piece of art I bought from Etsy and used as the image for the "painted dress" scene in The Scorpion Rules.  

EK Johnston alters cards to make them the best things ever.  This one for The Scorpion Rules publications.  

When I was still in my twenties I won my first major prize, and it changed my life.  Here's the letter!  

Once upon a time, the New York Times reviewed by debut novel, Plain Kate.  

I wrote a chapbook of erotic poems and published 50 copies of it.  

August 3, 2017

I am so honored to see PLAIN KATE on the CBC's list of 100 young adult books that make you proud to be Canadian.  I started it on a foggy day in Moncton, lo these many years ago. And look how it's grown.

November 18, 2016


To narrow that down a little.... Last night was THE big night for kids' lit in Canada tomorrow: The TDs! Swanky party, $140K in prizes, and the chance to see what kids book people look like when all dressed up. I spent it the evening trying not to nibble off my nail polish, as THE SCORPION RULES was shortlisted in both the categories for which it was eligible: The Amy Mathers award for teen novels, and the Monica Hughes award for science fiction and fantasy.

And it WON, guys. It took the Monica Hughes -- which makes me the first two-time winner of the award. (It's five years old.) I'm so thrilled! I read the whole list this year and it was amazing.  In fact, I went up to the stage with EK Johnston's speech in my pocket, because Kate -- a good friend -- was in Miami, touring with another book.  I was more ready to give her speech than mine.  

But I gave mine.  


Huge congratulations to the other winners, including Susan Juby for teen fiction, Kevin...

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